How To Convince Your Company To Invest in SEO

Organic search results drive over 50% of all organic traffic, and these visitors are every website’s highest quality source of quality leads. High-quality search engine optimization (SEO) inevitably leads to improved sales conversions, increased revenue, and long-term success for your business. Across the board, digital marketers know how valuable SEO strategies are for every business website. However, it can be hard to convince upper management and company executives to invest in SEO.

In 2022, SEO remains a low priority in many marketing department budgets worldwide. For this reason, digital marketing agencies and experts are forced to make do with limited resources to build and implement their SEO strategies.

The Importance of Organic Traffic for Your Website

Some business owners are unable to delineate between traditional advertising and digital marketing. They tend to think that the best strategy to rank well on search engine result pages is to just pay for ads to get them to the top.

Unfortunately, paid search is becoming less and less effective as online consumers become savvier to digital marketing techniques. Over 40% of all internet users use ad blockers, and those who don’t have this special software will just scroll past paid search listings to look for organic results.

Online consumers relate trustworthiness with high-performing content found through organic search results. When people experience good customer service on websites they found through organic search, they are more likely to show loyalty and engagement with that brand. The more loyal customers you have, the more long-term revenue you’ll earn through online sales. 

Despite all these statistics and effective digital marketing techniques, getting financial support from the upper echelons of your company can still be difficult. Many upper-level managers and C-level executives have little to no understanding or interest in SEO.

Talking to High-Level Executives About SEO

For any digital marketing strategy, it’s vital to keep your target audience in mind. In this case, your C-level executives may have many misconceptions about SEO, and any industry jargon will likely go over their heads. It’s best to keep your presentation as simple as possible; center discussions on how SEO will directly benefit your business.

You can’t go wrong with showing them the numbers. The most informative and effective presentation simply focuses on your current performance and how injecting more resources on SEO strategies will increase lead acquisition and drive significant ROI. Use current data analytics to show how your website is currently performing and discuss how SEO can drive relevant traffic to your website. Show them how your website is performing in direct comparison to your competitors. Simply comparing keyword research will illustrate if you are faring better or worse than your online competitors.

Remember that high-level managers and C-level executives are almost certainly not interested in the nitty-gritty of SEO, data analytics, long-tail keywords, and any industry-specific jargon. They want to know why SEO is valuable to your business and the ROI of your proposed campaign. Keep your focus on the myriad benefits and concrete results that SEO will deliver. 


Digital marketers know how valuable SEO is for a business’s long-term success. Still, it can be a struggle to deliver that knowledge to high-level executives that control the marketing budget and convince them to invest in SEO. It’s important to communicate all the potential benefits to executives and stakeholders so they can divert resources for your SEO campaign and digital marketing agency.

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