Upcoming 2023 PPC Trends Website Owners Can’t Miss Out On

2021 made several things pretty evident, especially in the light of COVID-19. This includes things in the marketing space. Going digital has never been more crucial or necessary or valued, which is why online marketing services are prevalent. Brands being accessible online is key, so the competition online has never been more tight. PPC has become a great way for businesses to face these changing times. Read on to learn the most outstanding PPC trends.

What are the PPC Trends to Expect in 2022?

To begin with, it’s likely best to properly define what PPC is, to begin with. PPC stands for pay-per-click, which is an internet marketing model that has advertisers pay fees when their ads are clicked on. Now, let’s go ahead with the PPC trends.

We’ll See Automation Make Leaps and Bounds

This one is particularly crucial for people that make use of Google Ads. Automation has made great strides on this end and it shows no signs of stopping. This is all helpful towards the effectiveness of running campaigns, alongside more time being saved in general. That said, the human element still plays a key role in all this.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have yet to achieve perfection, typically missing out on decisions contextually. This is why marketers still matter. The suggestions of Google don’t always find relevance in the campaign end, even if they do to the brand. Advertisers in an internet marketing company play a crucial role in understanding when, how, and where to have Google’s suggestions implemented.

Content Will Be Even More Catered to the Individual

Generalizing effective and ineffective campaigns is tough for a number of reasons. The keyway for a customer to differentiate brands is through the way things are presented to customers. There are thousands of ads that customers are exposed to in a day—around 6000, to be exact! How many do you actually remember off the top of your head? 

Of course, it’s nearly impossible to know what will end up evoking a response from users. This makes A/B creative testing practically crucial. Look into multiple creative versions: social, text, or display. That way, the current campaign will have better guidance, as well as further content creation down the line.

User Intent Will Play a Key Role in Ad Creation

Google values campaigns that have blatant consistency. When an ad group has keywords that perform similarly, the overall campaign will perform better. Single keywords ad groups (SKAGs) tend to be relied on to the point of being unhealthy by several campaigns. This tends to make things over-complicated and messy. In the end, it made everything tough to optimize, difficult to manage and turned into more of a timewaster than anything. Running SKAGs includes updates to match types and close match variants. At this point, they’re not really needed and hurt more than they help.

This is why User Intent has and will continue to play a key role. Keywords are grouped into indicator types such as Awareness Intent, Commercial Intent, and more. When there’s a good view as to what the completed action will most likely mean that campaigns and ads will be tailored much better.



Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become crucial with businesses moving online in light of the pandemic. Many PPC trends for 2022 are popping up, such as user intent, content, and automation. Brands need to be more accessible online than ever.

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