Types of Account Based Marketing Content


If you have been in the marketing industry for a while now, you may already be familiar with Account Based Marketing (ABM). It is a business marketing strategy that uses personalized campaigns to engage accounts and focuses resources on a set of target accounts within a market. In other words, it identifies key prospects and then customizes programs and messages to the buying team within target accounts, resulting in higher revenues in a shorter period.

While ABM is not new, many marketers have a renewed interest in it because it targets quality prospects and customers. Here are some types of Account Based Marketing content that you can use to target key accounts:

Live content

Live content is effective in initially breaking into an account and establishing a connection quickly. Some examples of this type of ABM content are webinars, podcasts, and interview series. If you have them, you can consider inviting an influencer as an expert guest. Another approach you can use is to build specific landing pages that talk the target account’s language. You can do any of these with the help of experienced digital marketing consultants. 

Personalized web pages

If you have generic content, you can personalize it according to your chosen sector. Plus, it’s not even too time-consuming and challenging. All you have to do is change the introduction, sidebars, images, and case study references. As a result, you can turn a horizontal piece of content into a vertical or personalized one.

When personalizing content, make sure it is relevant. For example, if you send emails with calls to action encouraging target accounts to read content, make sure the web page they click on has their company name. Putting effort into personalization can motivate them to respond well.

Digital content

Creating highly customized digital content is effective in targeting accounts. Keep in mind that everyone can get excited when receiving something personal. Therefore, you can create a custom cover for an already existing book with your account’s logo on it. You can also edit some of its content to make it personalized to the target account. 

Furthermore, you can deliver a one-of-a-kind video experience to target accounts. You can also use a platform to sync it with your marketing automation and CRM system to monitor who is watching your video.

One-to-one outreach

You may think that one-to-one ABM is just sending direct mail plays, event invitations, and high-value gifts, but it is more than that. While all of these can benefit from an accompanying digital content experience, you can reach out to your sales team and marketing team to assist with content. 

Instead of personalizing content, the key here is to organize it. Have your content tagged and categorized to be sorted by industry automatically, and pick the appropriate content to share with the right prospect. This way, you can empower your employees to be effective and personalized in their account-based outreach. 



ABM offers many benefits that can help you further grow your business. Best of all, it can be used to complement your content marketing strategies. Therefore, consider the types of Account Based Marketing content listed above and follow the tips for your highly targeted, account-based programs.

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