Proptech company embraces demand gen and doubles their qualified lead flow

We engaged with a proptech startup that was tired of executing the same marketing motions with diminishing returns month over month. The founder was typically risk averse and self identified impatient but knew a fresh vision was necessary to reach their revenue goals.

The Results


increase in relevant website traffic


boost of their on-site conversion rate


growth in the email list


increase in monthly qualified leads generated


While our new proptech had an innovative syndication solution, they faced a challenge creating demand in their market of property investors and developers. After being focused solely on outbound, they were ready to embrace an omnichannel strategy – so we got to work.

Our Challenge

The challenge at hand was to create a robust demand generation strategy that not only drove relevant traffic to their website but also converted visitors into engaged leads. The client’s existing marketing efforts were falling short of capturing the attention of their target audience. We needed to devise a plan that not only improved website conversions but also streamlined the demo scheduling process to accelerate the sales cycle.

The Approach

Our agency took a holistic approach, focusing on three key areas:
Website Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): We began by conducting a thorough audit of the client’s website. Through our analysis, we identified areas for improvement. Implementing a combination of persuasive copy and a streamlined journey, we significantly enhanced the user experience.
Ad Campaign Experiments Across Channels: To reach potential clients where they spent their time online, we launched a series of targeted ad campaigns. Through a process of continuous experimentation and optimization, we honed in on the most effective messaging, visuals, and placements. Our omnichannel approach allowed us to engage with prospects at various stages of their buying journey, amplifying the client’s reach.
Removing Friction in Demo Scheduling: Recognizing that the demo scheduling process was a critical touchpoint, we implemented a seamless scheduling system. By leveraging automation through Hubspot and personalization, we reduced the barriers to entry for potential customers. This not only improved the overall user experience but also accelerated the sales cycle, resulting in higher conversion rates.

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