How we increased sales-ready opportunities by 930% for an edtech platform

Colony Spark was enlisted by a leading EdTech software platform to spearhead a demand gen initiative with a goal of growing sales-ready opportunities and qualified leds of higher education administrators and educators. Here’s how we did it.

The Results


Sales Qualified Opportunities


MQL volume


Website Traffic


Webinar Attendance


Interest in competency based education has grown exponentially since the pandemic. Higher education leaders want to implement programs in their institution but have struggled to create and keep students engaged. We identified an opportunity to establish our clients as a pioneer and leader in the space, ultimately creating demand for our course and platform solutions.

Our Challenge

In a saturated higher ed market, breaking through and capturing the attention of decision-makers in higher education proved challenging. The task was to differentiate the organization, emphasize its unique value proposition, create demand, and effectively communicate benefits to administrators and educators amidst a barrage of marketing messages.

The Approach

This is one audience that appreciates highly academic and long form content. We developed multichannel approach through multiple programs – with competency based education webinars as our content engine.


Through monthly interactive webinars sessions, we showcased the client’s expertise and addressed key pain points


The monthly webinars were broken up into dozens of video clips and other social content that helped us drive demand and interest in our product.

Email Marketing

We delivered personalized campaigns to generate interest and increase webinar participation. By identifying intent through emails and website activity, we set up campaigns aimed at driving conversations, ultimately identifying opportunities for sales to pursue.


Our webinar content was repurposed on the website, driving organic search traffic to competency based education topics.

Conversion rate optimization techniques were implemented to convert users with relevant opportunities that allowed us to contact them about content they cared about.

We identified accounts that visited key pages on the site and layered it with other data to better help us identify intent and retargeting opportunities.

Google Search Ads

Our team built and optimized search PPC campaigns that captured interest in competency based education, delivered high value content including in-depth guides and our webinar invites.

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