Lead Generation For FinTech Startup

A South Florida startup developed a marketplace for commercial mortgage lending that allowed borrowers to find their lending solution without the tedious process associated. While the company was dipping its feet in digital ads but mostly relied on trade shows and face to face opportunities for lead generation. We wanted to show there were other, potentially less expensive, channels to leverage.

The Results


Monthly Lead Generation


MQL to SQL Conversion


Cost Per Lead


Florida has been a hotbed for commercial activity for Americans and foreigners alike. Thanks to the startup’s technology, we were able to qualify leads faster and identify ad targeting opportunities based on region of the state and type of loans available for borrowers.

Our Challenge

Commercial lending is often considered an old school business. Borrowers need to trust the source, which requires personal contact. We had to prove we could generate leads with a digital campaign, and more importantly, deliver quality leads to the sales team.

The Approach

We launched a comprehensive paid marketing campaign that that focused on Google and Bing Ads and cross-channel retargeting.
By testing multiple variants of landing pages, geographic regions, property types and ad creative, we were able to identify best performing segments and metros across the state.
Once leads were being generated in the marketplace, we worked with the sales team to implement automations and processes intended to better qualify borrowers and keep track of progress through each stage.

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